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BAND: No Current Projects
Current Location: Pensacola,FL
Favorite Finger:
Left Pinky
Favorite Brady:

Drums: Tama
Cymbals: Zildjian/Sabian
Sticks: Vic Firth 5BX (nylon tip)
Stage: Custom built
Sound: Shure/Behringer
Electronics: Alesis/Behringer

For more photos please visit my Facebook page
tonydrums-0014.jpg tonydrums-0013.jpg tonydrums-0026.jpg tonydrums-0021.jpg tonydrums-0028.jpg
tonydrums-0039.jpg tonydrums-0042.jpg tonydrums-0030.jpg tonydrums-0037.jpg tonydrums-0002.jpg
tonydrums-0005.jpg tonydrums-0029.jpg tonydrums-0020.jpg tonydrums-0027.jpg tonydrums-0012.jpg
tonydrums-0015.jpg tonydrums-0004.jpg tonydrums-0003.jpg tonydrums-0036.jpg tonydrums-0031.jpg
tonydrums-0043.jpg tonydrums-0038.jpg tonydrums-0009.jpg tonydrums-0007.jpg tonydrums-0032.jpg
tonydrums-0035.jpg tonydrums-0040.jpg tonydrums-0024.jpg tonydrums-0023.jpg tonydrums-0016.jpg
tonydrums-0011.jpg tonydrums-0018.jpg tonydrums-0041.jpg tonydrums-0034.jpg tonydrums-0033.jpg
tonydrums-0006.jpg tonydrums-0001.jpg tonydrums-0008.jpg tonydrums-0019.jpg tonydrums-0010.jpg
tonydrums-0017.jpg tonydrums-0022.jpg tonydrums-0025.jpg

Suggested Jam List

Roses are Free
Pearl Jam
Gold on the Ceiling
The Black Keys
Blitzkrieg Bop
The Ramones
Nearly Lost You
Screaming Trees
Gold on the Ceiling
The Black Keys
Hey Jealousy
Gin Blossoms
Gov't Mule
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