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BAND: No Current Projects
Current Location:
Available For:
Studio / Live

Drums: Tama
Cymbals: Zildjian/Sabian
Sticks: Vic Firth 5BX (nylon tip)
Stage: Custom built
Sound: Shure/Behringer
Electronics: Shure/Behringer

For more photos please visit my Facebook page
tonydrums-0014.jpg tonydrums-0013.jpg tonydrums-0026.jpg tonydrums-0021.jpg tonydrums-0028.jpg
tonydrums-0039.jpg tonydrums-0042.jpg tonydrums-0030.jpg tonydrums-0037.jpg tonydrums-0002.jpg
tonydrums-0005.jpg tonydrums-0029.jpg tonydrums-0020.jpg tonydrums-0027.jpg tonydrums-0012.jpg
tonydrums-0015.jpg tonydrums-0004.jpg tonydrums-0003.jpg tonydrums-0036.jpg tonydrums-0031.jpg
tonydrums-0043.jpg tonydrums-0038.jpg tonydrums-0009.jpg tonydrums-0007.jpg tonydrums-0032.jpg
tonydrums-0035.jpg tonydrums-0040.jpg tonydrums-0024.jpg tonydrums-0023.jpg tonydrums-0016.jpg
tonydrums-0011.jpg tonydrums-0018.jpg tonydrums-0041.jpg tonydrums-0034.jpg tonydrums-0033.jpg
tonydrums-0006.jpg tonydrums-0001.jpg tonydrums-0008.jpg tonydrums-0019.jpg tonydrums-0010.jpg
tonydrums-0017.jpg tonydrums-0022.jpg tonydrums-0025.jpg

Suggested Jam List

ZZ Top
Staight to Hell
Drivin N Cryin
Stuck in the Middle
Stealers Wheel
Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Georgia Satellites
Roses are Free
What's the Frequency Kenneth
Staight to Hell
Drivin N Cryin
Nearly Lost You
Screaming Trees
Brian Wilson
Bare Naked Ladies
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